10 Instagram Accounts with Under 10K Followers for Vintage Watch Enthusiasts To Follow

Watch enthusiasts gravitate towards Instagram. The image-centered format appeals to the aesthetically driven. If you’ve made it to Beyond the Dial, you probably are following the big guys like @watchfred (Fred Mandelbaum) and @goldberger (John Goldberger).

Looking for some more under the radar watch accounts to follow? Here are 10 Instagram accounts worth following which have less than 10K followers.



Got to love a collector with a focus. This guy only shows images of “beefy lugs” Omega watches. The original “beefy lug” Seamaster line was launched in 1948 and you would be amazed how many other Omegas subsequently had beefy lugs through the 1950’s and 60’s.



Charly is a vintage watch dealer who has a shop in Paris. He shows off crisp, beautiful, rare watches on his account. He is known for his wrist rolls. “Et voila!”



Focused on vintage chronographs from the 1940’s, especially Longines.



Steve H is the administrator of enicarforums.com. He is an authoritative source of information about vintage Enicar, a once obscure brand which has seen a large rise in enthusiasm since the publication of the sold out book Time for a Change.



Mitch Greenblatt is an watch entrepreneur who recently wrote a book called Retro Watches. His Instagram is a compilation of the kind of quirky, weird, and sometimes downright bizarre watch and clock designs that are discussed in his book.



Lee Yuen-Rapati is a designer who posts daily imaginative, whimsical watch related drawings done in one hour or less. 



Pucci Papaleo is a collector and writer/photographer specializing in vintage Rolex chronographs. He write the definite book on the Rolex Daytona. He only has 16 posts but wow, each photograph is incredible.



Donald P. runs a compilation of amazing photos of Rolex Bubblebacks from around Instagram. Bubblebacks had their heyday with Japanese collectors driving the market in the 1980’s but they will be back if Donald has anything to say about it.



This collector has the most rare and exquisite vintage Omega watches. Scroll through the feed and take a look. Trust me.



Yoichi Wanatabe is a Japanese collector focused on beautiful examples of watches from the 1930’s and 1940’s. Exquisite examples of rare bubblebacks, art deco pieces, chronographs, moonphases are all to be found on his feed.

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