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The Horological Copywriter

As The Horological Copywriter, BTD co-founder James Ren turns his proclivity for parody to the public. If you’d like to see The Horological Copywriter describe a specific watch, please post your request on Instagram. Be sure to include an image of the watch and the hashtag: #horologicalcopywriter. The Essence of Japanese Sky Grand Seiko 60th… Read more »

Relapping Grand Seiko – Honoring Taro Tanaka’s Vision

I suspect most people reading this article have heard about the Grammar of Design – Taro Tanaka’s 1962-drafted principles for designing Seiko watches so that they could compete visually when displayed next to their Swiss competitors in the Wako department store in Ginza. What might be less known is how many of Tanaka’s principles fundamentally… Read more »

Thoughts On Watches and Wonders 2021. Forget Green Dials, Let’s Talk Rattrapante from Vacheron Constantin & Breitling!

Green dials. That’s all anyone can talk about after Watches and Wonders 2021. Yes, dials are important. Small differences can make a big difference in the market for a watch because the dial is the first thing that you see. But ultimately, dial color choices are about fashion. Green is now the new blue which was the new black which was the new white.

How TO Buy a Luxury Watch

I’ve been wearing a Hamilton at work and experimented with a Boldr mecha-quartz chronograph with a medical theme. At this point I’ve large gone back to the Hamilton for the satisfaction of a purely mechanical watch. I decided that I needed an upgrade for my birthday this year which is also about a year since the pandemic started. I wanted something I could wear every day so I decided on a modern watch.

Curating The Collection – ‘Value’ As A Guiding Principle

“Presented by C.H. Reed to R.M. McClearyWinner of 27th AnniversarySales ContestSummer of 1928” Earlier this year through sheer dumb luck I acquired a rare watch which I sold to a big collector. I met him shortly before the pandemic unfolded. In a later conversation I asked him what advice he had for a collector like… Read more »

Curating The Collection – Allen Pares Back to Less Than 20 Core Watches

All activity on my personal watch collection has come to a grinding halt since I bought my two Cartier Tanks toward the end of 2020. Having invested in a stereo system and guitar stuff, both of which have been important for me during COVID isolation, my watch funds have been a bit tapped. But the… Read more »

Hype – Why Certain Vintage Watches Appreciate While Others Don’t

What makes one vintage watch worth a lot of money while another is worth very little? I believe that a vintage timepiece’s connection to the modern world is responsible for this phenomenon. Taste makers and influencers can drive the market, but only if the watches meet the criteria below.

Curating The Collection – Fewer, Better, Dressier

I started 2020 with eight mostly sporty watches. I finish with only four mostly dressy watches. A year ago I could not have imagined what a transformation my collection would have gone through, and I don’t mean ending up with half as many. In fact, after purchasing another dozen or so watches in 2020, of… Read more »

Dial Obsession – Vintage Watch Collectors Need to Go Beyond the Dial

A watch has three main components, the dial, the movement, and the case. Most vintage collectors put too much emphasis on the dial. I acknowledge that the dial is important. The dial is like the human face in that it is the first and most frequently looked at part of the watch. Like the human… Read more »