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Curating The Collection – ‘Value’ As A Guiding Principle

“Presented by C.H. Reed to R.M. McClearyWinner of 27th AnniversarySales ContestSummer of 1928” Earlier this year through sheer dumb luck I acquired a rare watch which I sold to a big collector. I met him shortly before the pandemic unfolded. In a later conversation I asked him what advice he had for a collector like… Read more »

Hype – Why Certain Vintage Watches Appreciate While Others Don’t

What makes one vintage watch worth a lot of money while another is worth very little? I believe that a vintage timepiece’s connection to the modern world is responsible for this phenomenon. Taste makers and influencers can drive the market, but only if the watches meet the criteria below.

Dial Obsession – Vintage Watch Collectors Need to Go Beyond the Dial

A watch has three main components, the dial, the movement, and the case. Most vintage collectors put too much emphasis on the dial. I acknowledge that the dial is important. The dial is like the human face in that it is the first and most frequently looked at part of the watch. Like the human… Read more »

The Apple Watch is The New Quartz Crisis

In 2019, Apple sold 31 million watches, an increase of 36% from the prior year. The entire Swiss watch industry sold 21 million watches, down 13%. The first quarter of 2020 had a 20% growth in smartwatch production with Apple accounting for more than half of the sales.

How I Learned to Stop Hating, And Love Quartz

Ok, I’ll be honest, “love” is too strong a word. If I’m honest, this article should be titled: “how I learned to stop hating and try to appreciate some types of quartz watches.”

Practical Advice on COVID-19 for Watch Enthusiasts

Disclaimer: In case it wasn’t obvious, an online watch magazine may not be the best place to get health information. I am a medical doctor and this represents my informed opinion based on the best science available at this time. As always, for the best and most current information please ask your doctor. For additional… Read more »

New Old Stock Watches: What NOS Really Means And How Dealers Abuse the Term

In order for a watch to be legitimately considered New Old Stock it must, by definition, never have been sold at retail. If you’re buying something that’s labeled NOS, then you have to be the first individual consumer to have bought it. Period. If old stock is changing hands between retailers, or even being distributed… Read more »

The Psychology of Watch Size & The Black Box of Taste

In 1970, psychologist Richard L. Gregory hypothesized that the human brain uses “top-down processing” to generate what we perceive via our eyes. The theory argued that our backlog of visual experiences give shape to the images we perceive. By the 1990s, experiments had robustly backed up this theory, and psychologists now widely accept that what… Read more »

My Grandfather’s Omega That Was Worth More Than a House

My grandfather has always loomed at the edge of my imagination. I never met him in life as he died shortly before I was born. My father possesses the taciturn courtesy particular to Chinese men of his generation. He speaks little of his father, yet sometimes a story comes through, a glimpse into another time…. Read more »