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Allen Farmelo​

Instagram: @afarmelo

Beyond the Dial founder Allen Farmelo is a writer, photographer, and traveler who focuses on watches, motoring, the good life, and the escapades that ensue when you mix them all together.

Allen’s essays and photographs appear in Fortune Magazine, The Robb Report, WatchTime Magazine, International Watch, Gear Patrol, Worn & Wound, and more. Beyond The Dial allows Allen and his collaborators to explore their passions without boundaries.

Allen is an adrenaline junkie, former road bike racer, competitive skier, surfer and skater who has settled into motorcycling, skiing and SCUBA as his main activities today. Ask Allen about his watches, and he may start telling you about his Ducati.

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Greg Bedrosian

Instagram: @watch_gb

Greg is a long-time watch enthusiast from upstate New York. Greg has written dozens of articles for the watch community and is best known for blending technical assessment with practical opinion.

He brings a unique perspective to Beyond The Dial inclusive of everything from accessible to luxury. His acumen has helped countless enthusiasts make better educated decisions leading them to a more fulfilling horological journey.

You can usually find Greg snowboarding in the winter and around the water in the summer. His personal style is as easy going as his personality.

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David Flett

Instagram: @hudonsvintagewatches

David is a writer, technologist, SAE-published engineer and patent-holder who has been fascinated with watches from his earliest years. He brings technical knowledge, an entrepreneurial spirit and an appreciation of all things vintage to Beyond the Dial.

As a Brit now living in the mid-Hudson Valley, David’s career has spanned California, the Netherlands, the Channel Islands, France, Belgium and now New York with jobs as varied as designing spacecraft to implementing secure financial networks for the world’s largest banks. He has a Mathematics degree from the University of Bath and a post-graduate diploma in Spacecraft Design from Southampton University.

David has deep interests in both the history of Seiko watches and everything Ferrari; making several pilgrimages to the storied Italian manufacturur to indulge the later.

When not working, writing, restoring watches, cooking or driving his vintage Ferrari, David can usually be found trying to keep up with his three young children.

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Pedro Mendes

Instagram: @pedro.mendes.hogtown

Pedro is a menswear journalist and writer, as well as a podcaster and radio producer, focusing on why clothing and dressing matters. He applies the same social, historic and cultural approach to watch writing and reporting as he does to clothing.

He has written a book on tailoring history with another due in 2021 about building and caring for a sustainable wardrobe. He has also written for Canadian, US and European magazines and newspapers on style and culture, produced a number of radio documentaries for CBC Radio (where he worked for over a dozen years) and wrote/co-hosted the “Unbuttoned” podcast, about menswear historian G. Bruce Boyer’s life in clothes. Pedro is based in Toronto, Canada, so watch out for non-American spellings of common words 

His other passions include a love of Cuban cigars and building scale models. That hobby started with Japanese robots but has recently shifted to classic airplanes. And therefore an obsession with aviation watches. He’s also going to learn how to scuba dive thanks to a love of dive watches.

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Instagram: @watchmedtime

James is a surgeon in the Hudson Valley. He enjoys taking care of his patients and spending time with his family. He has a deep fascination with watches especially from the perspectives of history, culture, and design. As an avid reader, he appreciates well crafted writing and storytelling.​

James brings his highly personal style of storytelling and broad intellectual curiosity about people and objects to Beyond the Dial. 

His personal watch collection focuses on affordable vintage watches. He enthusiastically collects chronographs, alarms, triple calendar moonphases. He also has an appreciation for less sought after horological items such as American railroad pocket watches and gold dress watches.

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