Mission & Policies


To create and publish enduring essays about watches, how they work, and why they’re so fascinating.


The Aesthetic Revolution Will Be Beautiful


In today’s media climate, so-called advertorial has become the norm, and the role that brands play vis-a-vis publications has grown unduly confusing. We aim to dispel that confusion by upholding more traditional journalistic boundaries. To accomplish that, we do not create content for brands (often called branded content), but we do engage in brand-funded marketing and advertising campaigns that align with our mission and allow us to tell our own stories (often called sponsored content). We will always be firmly transparent when a brand is supporting us financially, this according to the laws governing journalism and publishing.

Submission Guidelines for Brands

Beyond The Dial’s writers do not take press releases and simply convert them into “news.” That type of story is already abundantly covered in other publications. However, we often find springboards for our stories in press releases, so keep those coming. We are always excited to learn about products, ideas, companies, and people.

Criteria for Covering a Product

  • The product and its makers must meet basic social and environmental best practices (see mission above).
  • We have to get the product in hand in order to evaluate it and write it up.

Our Internal Creator’s Guide

  • Passionately follow your vision of beauty and truth.
  • Create with the love, care, and patience of an artist.
  • Tell your story and indulge your subjectivity.
  • Get outside your comfort zone and take risks.
  • Support Beyond The Dial’s mission (see above).
  • Adhere to the laws and ethical codes that govern journalism and publishing.‚Äč