Announcing Mission Lake George

Mission Lake George is Sponsored By ORIS

The Mission: Track and Document Invasive Species with Underwater Photography

With our partner The Lake George Association being the oldest freshwater conservancy in the US (1885), Lake George holds AA-rated fresh water, the highest ranking of cleanliness possible. Yet, invasive plant species threaten the lake’s delicate ecosystem. The NY State Parks and LGA are working to remove invasive plant species that threaten this national freshwater treasure.

Eurasian Milfoil

Devastating to fresh water lakes in N. America, during 2020 alone over 20-tons of Eurasian Milfoil has been removed from Lake George (so far). SCUBA divers with cameras can provide critical close-up inspection of cleaned sites and of untreated sites. Conservation experts will study the images to refine and develop their strategies for combating Eurasian Milfoil.

Beyond The Dial’s Mission

  • 2-days of SCUBA, 2 divers, 3-dives/day, 12 dives total
  • Photographing key milfoil invasion sites along the entirety of the lake.
  • Advocacy and exposure in the press.

Watches to Support Lake George

Well known for supporting initiatives around the world to conserve waterways, ORIS has come on as the official sponsor of Mission Lake George.

ORIS has donated two watches to support Beyond The Dial in this collaborative research undertaking. This initiative illustrates precisely Oris’ stated mission to Change for the Better and how to make a difference to the future of endangered species and water resources.

  • 40mm Divers 65 with Green Dial
  • 36mm Divers 65 with Blue Dial

Both watches will be on the wrists of our divers throughout the mission as a trusted dive tool and integral part of the project, and will then go up for auction when the mission is complete as a unique timepiece that has made a difference.

Ecological Partners

Let’s Make a Difference

Beyond The Dial is dedicated to mission-based journalism in which we put our various talents to work toward fostering a healthier, safer, more just world. This mission will be in coordination with the Lake George Association, as well as New York State Parks.

More Than 130 Years of Protecting Fresh Waters

Since 1885, the Lake George Association has protected the waters of Lake George. They focus on the lake’s prized, clear drinking water and protecting the watershed (the land area from the tops of the mountains surrounding it to the shoreline). They have educated tens of thousands of residents and visitors on how their actions can be protective of Lake George and its watershed. The Lake George Association was the very first lake conservation organization in the United States.

NY State Parks

Lending us their 26’ 250hp boat and its captain for two days, this mission will be able to cover many miles of Lake George during our two days on the water.

The Crew of Mission Lake George

Allen Farmelo

Beyond The Dial founder, watch journalist, SCUBA diver and photographer, Allen will be the (his underwater images have appeared in Fortune, Gear Patrol, Worn & Wound, and many more).

Shelley Wollert

Allen & Shelley are life partners and also dive partners. Shelley has appeared in many of Allen’s published underwater images, and she will provide support to Allen on every dive.

Greg Bedrosian

Beyond The Dial co-founder, watch writer and photographer, Greg is our man above decks to keep everything organized and safe, as well as documenting everything above the water as Shelley and Allen deal with documenting below the surface.

Help Us Spread The Word About Mission Lake George

As well as providing research images to conservationists, Mission Lake George seeks spread the word about Lake George but also about protecting all waterways. Help us spread the word by sharing as widely as you see fit on social media or otherwise.

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