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Book Review-Heuer Superstars

Heuer Superstars is a self-published book by Richard Crosthwaite with images by Paul Gavin. Mr. Crosthwaite is a well-known figure in the vintage Heuer collecting community who runs the websites Vintage Heuer Price Guide and Universal Geneve Compax Price Guide and also is a Heuer dealer under another website called Heuer Central. I try to… Read more »

Book Review – “Depth Charge” by Jason Heaton

April 2021 marked the release of the long-anticipated quarantine-written novel from Jason Heaton. For those unfamiliar with Jason’s work, he is one of the most respected journalists in the adventure gear and watch spaces. Most potential readers are familiar with Jason’s work from Gear Patrol, HODINKEE, and as the co-host of the Podcast, The Grey… Read more »

Book Review-Marine Nationale by Watchistry

A Different Type of Collecting An organizing principle is considered a requirement to distinguish a collection from a mere assortment of objects. This book explores the author’s collection of watches from the French Navy, or Marine Nationale. Many books in this space attempt an introduction with a historical overview of the watches. This book instead… Read more »

Book Review – The Watch, Thoroughly Revised

This edition hews closely to the format laid out in the first edition of a historical overview followed by descriptions of “fifty” brands. For the arithmetically inclined, the first edition actually included 51 brands and the current edition has 53 but who’s counting right?

Book Review-The Movado History

It may surprise some people to find out that vintage Movado timepieces have an avid collector base. Yes, this is the same brand that is familiar from its department store displays in malls all over America and which purchased MVMT two years ago.

Book Review – The Cartiers by Francesca Cartier Brickell

The Cartiers is far more than a family member’s account of the legendary luxury brand; it is a unique overview of the 20th Century from a very specific – but entirely compelling – point of view.

Book Review-Time for a change, Discovering vintage Enicar

There is a certain fascination to be found in so-called “forgotten” Swiss watch brands. One estimate is that about 1,000 went extinct during the Quartz Crisis from the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The popular brands of today naturally command a premium on the vintage market but many collectors seek value and perhaps the clubby exclusivity… Read more »

Book Review – Omega A Journey Through Time

I’ve always been an enthusiastic reader. In my medical training I used to read textbooks in my specialty from cover to cover. Although it was a lot of work, I enjoyed finding little tidbits that proved useful later on. My watch collecting in a way is similar, poring over voluminous online listings and combing through… Read more »

Book Review – The Vintage Rolex Field Manual, Chevalier Edition

The world of vintage Rolex combines the obsessive qualities of detail oriented collectors with sky high market valuations. It is a minefield where a single line of text on the dial may mean a difference in value of tens of thousands of dollars. The difficulty is compounded by the Genevan giant’s famous reticence regarding their… Read more »

Book Review – Retro Watches: The Modern Collector’s Guide

They say that what makes a person a collector and not merely an accumulator is a focus. Many vintage watch collectors choose a brand such as Seiko, or a genre of functional tool watch such as divers. Others focus on appreciation of the decorative arts of movement finishing, or on finding an untouched case with… Read more »