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Book Review 100+ No BS Watch Tips

The short version of this review is simply: buy this book if you are a watch enthusiast and have not already read it. Written by a watchmaker and aimed primarily for others working in the watch industry, there is so much useful and relevant information here for anyone interested in the watch hobby, that this… Read more »

Book Review “Depth Charge” by Jason Heaton

April 2021 marked the release of the long-anticipated quarantine-written novel from Jason Heaton. For those unfamiliar with Jason’s work, he is one of the most respected journalists in the adventure gear and watch spaces. Most potential readers are familiar with Jason’s work from Gear Patrol, HODINKEE, and as the co-host of the Podcast, The Grey… Read more »

Book Review “The Cartiers” by Francesca Cartier Brickell

The Cartiers is far more than a family member’s account of the legendary luxury brand; it is a unique overview of the 20th Century from a very specific – but entirely compelling – point of view.