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Curating The Collection – Allen Pares Back to Less Than 20 Core Watches

All activity on my personal watch collection has come to a grinding halt since I bought my two Cartier Tanks toward the end of 2020. Having invested in a stereo system and guitar stuff, both of which have been important for me during COVID isolation, my watch funds have been a bit tapped. But the… Read more »

Hands-On Review – Bremont DH-88

It’s a cold and damp fall morning in Mildenhall, a small town in Suffolk, England. Despite the early hour and unpleasant weather, a large crowd has gathered at the town’s aerodrome. The place is nothing more than a wide field, a few short runways and ramshackle buildings. Just the day before, the King and Queen… Read more »

Hands-On Review – Bremont 40mm Supermarine S300 White

The Skinny 40mm Modified ETA 2826 movement $4095 MSRP Dispensing With Objectivity I’m a huge fan of Bremont, and if you want to know why you can read my counterpoint to the negativity the British brand gets from the indie watch scene. I’m also a many-year owner of the black version of the 40mm Supermarine, have included… Read more »