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Hands-OnA Pair of Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converters

The most obvious design feature on these watches is the slide rule bezel. While its layout is identical to the Breitling Navitimer’s, the Hamiltons feature more precise details, like markers to more easily calculate speed, distance and fuel usage.

Monogamous Wrist Dec 2020 Edition

Our poor wrists bear the literal weight of our horological obsessions, and yet we never hear from them. It’s time to let our wrists speak! Allen’s Wrist The incessant pulse of Allen’s mechanical watch movements is the rhythm by which I live my life, and during 2020 that rhythm felt like a slow, somber dirge…. Read more »

InsightThe Curious Case of Hamilton International Ltd. v Vortic LLC

This article originally appeared in print during 2019 in International Watch Magazine. Intellectual Property, Sampling & Upcycling In the music industry, when one artist samples part of another artist’s recording and makes something new with it, the intellectual property questions are typically gray, sometimes leading to legal battles. When Singer Vehicle Design modifies, improves, and… Read more »