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Podcast – Insights E37 – I Fell Into The Rolex Black Hole

Is SWATCH’s BIOCERAMIC anything more than a petrolium-based plastic? Find out in this episode as Allen shares his investigation into this divisive material, its history, its current context, its chemical makeup, and even an email about it from a SWATCH representative.

Podcast Field Reports E9 – Bremont’s Authenticity Soars in an Old Plane

Bremont Supernova 40mm Integrated Bracelet Watch

Allen went to the UK for the launch of Bremont’s first serially produced watches with their in-house movement, but what Allen got was a ride in an old plane that showed him the unique authenticity at the center of the brand set on reviving British industrial watchmaking.

Curating the Collection – A Rolex Oyster Date Reference 6494 Captures My Heart

Rolex 6494 Bubbleback

The Rolex Oysterdate 6494 comes in a 34mm Oyster case which is 11mm thick with a modest lug-to-lug measurement of 43mm. The lugs are 19mm across. The 6494 came with a variety of dials, but most were variations on white paint, black lacquer, or honeycomb engraved models also in white or cream. All Rolex 6494s sport a roulette date wheel: black for odd numbers and red for the evens. Hands are dauphine with a blued second hand.

Curating the Collection – A Vintage Seiko Speedtimer 6139 Pogue Chronograph Ousts a Ceramic Daytona From a Rolex Collection

Seiko Speedtimer 6139

Where I once thought of my Seiko Speedtimer 6139 as the anomaly in my Rolex-centric collection, I’ve since started to see that it actually plays an important role somewhere near center stage. The 6139 has somehow managed to work its way through my tangle of collecting rules and straight onto my wrist with nearly the frequency of any other watch I own.

Hands-On Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G – A Tribute to the Rolex Rootbeer GMT Master of the 1960s

The Skinny 41mm x 14.6mm Tudor Manufacture Calibre MT5652 GMT, 70-hour power reserve, COSC certification Steel and Gold 200m water resistance Release year: 2022 $4300 on straps, $5500 with bracelet Imitating Its Way to Uniqueness It can be difficult to intellectually separate Tudor from Rolex. Rolex owns Tudor, their mutual technologies are well known, and the… Read more »

Hands-On Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Mega-Review

The Skinny What Is The Tudor Black Bay 58? Tudor’s foray into dive watches began in 1954 when the Rolex subsidiary produced a lower-cost version of the Rolex Submariner, unsurprisingly called the Tudor Submariner. In 1999 Tudor discontinued its Submariner, then brought back their divers in 2012 with the smash hit 41mm Black Bay. In… Read more »