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Collector Guide – Breitling Navitimer Slide Rule Instructions

By Gary Bedrosian and Greg Bedrosian Beyond The Dial is pleased to welcome mathematician, aerospace enthusiast, and physicist, Gary Bedrosian, PhD to assist the watch enthusiast community with a deep dive into the slide rule instructions for the Breitling Navaitimer. Gary also happens to be my father and it was truly special to collaborate with… Read more »

Refinishing Hardlex Crystals with Ben Levy

The lack of new, old stock crystals can be a real headache for collectors of vintage watches. Some watches use very specialized crystals either by virtue of the shape or the case fitment. When replacement crystals are not available, a serious choice must be made whether to fit a replacement of the incorrect type or live with the imperfections and signs of use. This is particularly relevant to collectors of vintage watches originally fitted with mineral glass which tends to scratch rather easily compared to sapphire glass.

Curating The Collection – How Storage Impacts Confidence in Collecting

Just admit it: you, like me, give more than two shits about what people think of your watch collection, and the reason is clear: our collections represent us. Every little detail that we’ve allowed past the velvet rope into our personal horological disco is out on the floor for others to judge. We really wouldn’t give two shits about that judgement if we didn’t understand that what’s being judged is not watches but our most intimate expression of our mostly solipsistic and, thus, often lonely subjectivity inner lives. You, dear reader of horological essays, like me who writes them, give two shits about how people judge you if not your watches, I’m sure of it.

King Seiko Collector Guide Part 1 – Evolution of the 44KS

King Seiko was a luxury brand of Seiko from 1961 to 1975. It was positioned directly below Grand Seiko in terms of pricing, quality and accuracy. While the brand was initially created as Daini Seikosha’s alternative to Suwa Seikosha’s Grand Seiko brand, by 1969, both factories were creating watches for both ranges and King Seiko was firmly established as Seiko’s second, purely-domestic, luxury line.

Collector Guide – LIP Nautic-Ski Watches 1967-1976

As the official timepiece of the French Olympic team and later a favorite of Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s dive team for its build quality and precise timekeeping, the Nautic-Ski became a best-seller for the brand and a French design icon.

Collector Guide – Seiko Crown Special, An Alternative to Vintage Grand Seiko

“Whoa… What is that beauty?” asked Allen as I entered the woody, half-lit inner sanctum of BTD HQ; be-masked and reeking of hand sanitizer. The sanitizer stench was soon overpowered by the heady aroma of cigar smoke and reclaimed barn wood. I was wearing my 1962 Seiko Crown Special and Allen’s comment confirmed what I… Read more »