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New Old Stock Watches: What NOS Really Means And How Dealers Abuse the Term

In order for a watch to be legitimately considered New Old Stock it must, by definition, never have been sold at retail. If you’re buying something that’s labeled NOS, then you have to be the first individual consumer to have bought it. Period. If old stock is changing hands between retailers, or even being distributed… Read more »

Omega Speedmaster: The Price of Emotion

“When I first looked back at Earth from the Moon, I Cried.” – Alan Shepard The Skinny Omega Speedmaster Professional (Hesalite / Bracelet) Ref. 311. Movement, Calibre 1861 manual wind Case Size 42 x 48 x14.3mm Stainless Steel Caseback MSRP: $5,350 Omega Speedmaster Professional (Sapphire / Bracelet) Ref. 311. Case Size 42x48x13.7mm Movement, Calibre 1863… Read more »

How I Do It: Collecting Vintage Watches

I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m not going to tell you to only buy vintage Rolex right now for value retention in an economic downturn. I’m not going to tell you that vintage Patek is a great investment watch because you never actually own a Patek Philippe, you only keep it… Read more »

The Curious History of Alarm Watches

“What’s that? A monopusher chronograph?” “No, it’s an alarm watch, a Vulcain Cricket.” “What do you mean? I don’t understand.” “You wind it up and turn the pointer hand and pull the button and…” “BUZZZZZ…” One of the first vintage watches that fascinated me was a Vulcain Cricket. I could not believe that such a… Read more »

Beads Of Rice Watch Bracelet Buying Guide

If you are a vintage watch enthusiast you will eventually wind up buying watches on all sorts of bands. Not everyone is flying by private jet to Geneva to bid at a major auction house on a vintage Patek on a priceless Gay Freres bracelet. Ordinary mortals who like vintage watches are more likely to… Read more »

Deciphering Used, Pre-Owned, Vintage, & Antique

Acquiring used, pre-owned, vintage, and antique stuff is a sure-fire sustainable practice. Even a staunch champion of capitalism, manufacturing, and growth can’t argue with the logic. Going for older stuff is also often a harbinger of one’s interest in hand-craftsmanship or old-school manufacturing, processes that were not always environmentally benign, yet were producing rugged goods… Read more »

Why and How to Collect Vintage Watches

It seems to come to all of us eventually: we are drawn to objects older than ourselves. Classic cars, mid-century furniture, old 35mm film cameras to name but a few examples. Perhaps we become aware of our mortality, and so subconsciously look for solace in something older than ourselves. Or maybe it is an aesthetic… Read more »

A Primer on Buying Vintage Watches

Vintage anything is tricky, but vintage watches are especially tricky. Dear reader, there are pitfalls, and any watch collector—no matter how diligent, knowledgeable, or experienced—will fall into a pit from time to time. There are ways to reduce risk, but no way to eliminate it. You have been warned. Used, Pre-Owned, or Vintage? The watch… Read more »