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Collector Guide – LIP Nautic-Ski Watches 1967-1976

As the official timepiece of the French Olympic team and later a favorite of Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s dive team for its build quality and precise timekeeping, the Nautic-Ski became a best-seller for the brand and a French design icon.

Hands-On Review – Aquastar Deepstar Diver Chronograph

Why did I melt for this watch before even putting it on? Because the fit and finish of everything on this watch is incredibly high-end. I’m talking top-dollar Swiss brand high-end.

Owner Review – anOrdain Model 1 Green Fumé

I’m not one to normally associate watches with significant life events. I will often purchase a watch as part of a collecting plan and not as a reward to myself. In that respect, my watch purchases are individual steps on a collecting journey rather than a destination in themselves. This anOrdain, however, is different: it is a present to myself for reaching the grand old age of 50.

Hands-On Review – Grand Seiko SBGK007

The Grand Seiko house style of late has been the post-Tanaka, Grammar of designed influenced, ‘slabby’ sports watch, however the new SBGK models offer something altogether smoother.

Curating The Collection – ‘Value’ As A Guiding Principle

“Presented by C.H. Reed to R.M. McClearyWinner of 27th AnniversarySales ContestSummer of 1928” Earlier this year through sheer dumb luck I acquired a rare watch which I sold to a big collector. I met him shortly before the pandemic unfolded. In a later conversation I asked him what advice he had for a collector like… Read more »

Curating The Collection – Allen Pares Back to Less Than 20 Core Watches

All activity on my personal watch collection has come to a grinding halt since I bought my two Cartier Tanks toward the end of 2020. Having invested in a stereo system and guitar stuff, both of which have been important for me during COVID isolation, my watch funds have been a bit tapped. But the… Read more »

E57 – Beyond The Dial’s Promise To Our Readers & Listeners

Greg knows his Star Wars, Speedmasters and NASA history inside out. Greg’s rebuttal to Allen’s deconstruction of “Grand American Space Narratives” via the Swiss watch industry opens up new ways of thinking about the Omega Speedmaster, humanity’s role in space, and much more.