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Insight Are Mechanical Watches a Bellwether for Fashion?

Social Change & Style People who know I write and care about men’s style ask me the same questions every week: does tailored clothing have a future? Will this finally be the end of the suit? How will people dress after the pandemic? I attempt to answer these questions—trying to predict what will come—by looking… Read more »

Insight The Watches Watch Experts Own & Wear

Did you ever notice the same watches popping up in your Instagram feed? What about during “wrist check” on a YouTube channel or across different Watch Podcasts? It’s not a complex algorithm and it’s not a coincidence.  Watch experts, from journalists’ to podcasters, handle a tremendous number of watches from various brands. Think about it. The… Read more »

Insight The Strange Allure of Becoming a Counterfeit Watch Importer

I get a lot of unsolicited messages via Instagram about watch-related opportunities, typically in broken English, typically so ridiculous that I just block the account. This morning, however, I received the following message, which I want to consider in the broader picture of watch counterfeiting. 1:1 products are replicas, or counterfeits. These items are entirely… Read more »

Insight Tudor’s Sleepers: Three Excellent Watches You May Have Overlooked

If you’ve found your way here, most likely you are familiar with Tudor watches. Brand awareness, history, and Tudor’s aesthetic have been flooded through every media outlet possible since the brand’s return to United States market in 2013. The Black Bay quickly went from the flagship relaunch to the most ambiguous model of the Rolex… Read more »

Insight The Curious Case of Hamilton International Ltd. v Vortic LLC

This article originally appeared in print during 2019 in International Watch Magazine. Intellectual Property, Sampling & Upcycling In the music industry, when one artist samples part of another artist’s recording and makes something new with it, the intellectual property questions are typically gray, sometimes leading to legal battles. When Singer Vehicle Design modifies, improves, and… Read more »

Insight Are Watch Wonks Overstating The Trend Toward Smaller Men’s Watches?

We watch enthusiasts – and especially we journalists – have often wormed into so many little horological nooks that our view of the big picture becomes obscured. I’ve just recently started to notice the phrase inside baseball a lot in watch journalism (because a friend pointed out how much that phrase appears at Hodinkee). I had never… Read more »

Insight 5 Car Watches That Might Not Make You Cringe

With the term ‘car watches’ I’m not referring to classic automotive chronographs like Omega’s Speedmaster, Heuer’s Carrera, or Rolex’s Daytona. I’m talking about watches designed with the theme of specific cars, car brands, and sometimes car parts (e.g. speedometers, tire treads, cylinder heads) baked into their design. Generally speaking, I dislike car watches. Until recently,… Read more »

Insight Rethinking Bremont: How The Indie Watch Community Got It All Wrong About This Unique British Brand

For years now I have attempted to understand the negativity that watch nerds unthinkingly hurl at the British watch brand Bremont. The negativity centers on two complaints: 1) there are too many brand ambassadors to feel genuine; 2) the prices are too high for watches with ETA-based movements. I hope to disarm these repetitive criticisms… Read more »

Insight Why and How to Collect Vintage Watches

It seems to come to all of us eventually: we are drawn to objects older than ourselves. Classic cars, mid-century furniture, old 35mm film cameras to name but a few examples. Perhaps we become aware of our mortality, and so subconsciously look for solace in something older than ourselves. Or maybe it is an aesthetic… Read more »