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Owner Review Squale 50 Atmos ‘Originale Opaco’

Have you ever seen a watch online, a watch that you knew nothing about and immediately decided you must have it? This is the story of just such a watch. The Skinny Squale 50 Atmos Originale Opaco 41mm ETA 2824-2 Around $1500 as of Oct 2020 The story begins on a rainy Saturday morning as… Read more »

Our Watches A Day on the Lake with the Seiko SPB087

The Skinny Case: 44x51x13.1mm Stainless Steel Movement: 6R15 Seiko Automatic Lume: LumiBrite (blue and green) Water Resistance: 200m Strap: Black Silicone MSRP: $950 USD My wife is making sandwiches at 06:30 in the morning. I’m in the garage on a ladder. We keep the big cooler and the paddleboard on shelves. There are countless other… Read more »

Owner Review – The Tockr Air-Defender Hulk Is Totally Punk Rock

The Skinny 45mm Valjoux 7750 Chronograph Movement, high grade with multiple customized features Hydro-Dipped case $2850 on HIX Strap It’s A Big Watch – That’s The Whole Point Let’s dispense with the whole obsession over size and just note that for some of us watch wonks a big bold watch is, sometimes, going to really… Read more »

Owner Review – 1972 Rolex Datejust 1603

The Skinny 1972 Rolex Datejust 1603 $3100 cash (no bracelet) 36mm auto-winding in-house movement, no quick-set for date I Was Pretty Gone In Nashville I was in Nashville on a cross-country trip with my best friend Andy Baldwin – an Aussi record producer who is part Winnie The Pooh, part Buddha, and part Clive Davis…. Read more »

Our Watches The Worst Watch I Ever Owned

Though I didn’t pay for the watch, that doesn’t change the more salient fact that I possessed and wore it and, for the length of a late 90s summer, believed it was super cool. I’m sure you will agree that, even in 1997 and with heaps of relativistic thinking, this watch was not super cool…. Read more »

Owner Review Ianos Avyssos

For Zeus’ sake, this is Ianos’ first watch! Are you kidding me? Listen up, you indie hipster watch designers: this is the bar over which you now must hurdle. The Skinny pronounced: i-a-nos ah-bee-sos 44mm, but wears like a 40mm because the caseback is so well thought out Sellita SW216-1 Mechanical Manual Movement (unless you’re a professional… Read more »