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Podcast – Insights E37 – I Fell Into The Rolex Black Hole

Is SWATCH’s BIOCERAMIC anything more than a petrolium-based plastic? Find out in this episode as Allen shares his investigation into this divisive material, its history, its current context, its chemical makeup, and even an email about it from a SWATCH representative.

Podcast Field Reports E9 – Bremont’s Authenticity Soars in an Old Plane

Bremont Supernova 40mm Integrated Bracelet Watch

Allen went to the UK for the launch of Bremont’s first serially produced watches with their in-house movement, but what Allen got was a ride in an old plane that showed him the unique authenticity at the center of the brand set on reviving British industrial watchmaking.

Podcast Conversations E18 – Walt Odets On His Five Favorite Watches

Walt Odets Five Favorite Watches

Walt Odets is legendary in the world of watch writing, having penned some of the most impactful watch criticism back before watch brands held sway over publications. In Walt’s second podcast with Allen, the two discuss Walt’s five personal favorite watches from his own collection. And they are stunners.

Podcast Insights E32 – A Tentative Critique of the Post-Pandemic Watch Culture

By Allen Farmelo and David Flett In this insight essay, Allen admits to feeling a little disillusioned with the broader watch culture and tried to identify why it feels different to him since COVID pandemic lockdowns and the rapid expansion of interest in watches. Special interest is paid to the role of social media in… Read more »

Podcast How Watches Work E6 – Complicated Chronographs – Flybacks, Split-Seconds, Ultra-Fast, & More

By Allen Farmelo and David Flett Allen and David continue their journey through the world of mechanical chronographs. In this episode of ‘How Watches Work’ they discuss flyback chronographs, rattrapante or double chronographs and the race to release the worlds first automatic chronographs. The flyback chronograph is a common variant that combines the stop, reset… Read more »