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Podcast – Conversations E19 – Rikki From Scottish Watches

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Is SWATCH’s BIOCERAMIC anything more than a petrolium-based plastic? Find out in this episode as Allen shares his investigation into this divisive material, its history, its current context, its chemical makeup, and even an email about it from a SWATCH representative.

Podcast Conversations E18 – Walt Odets On His Five Favorite Watches

Walt Odets Five Favorite Watches

Walt Odets is legendary in the world of watch writing, having penned some of the most impactful watch criticism back before watch brands held sway over publications. In Walt’s second podcast with Allen, the two discuss Walt’s five personal favorite watches from his own collection. And they are stunners.

Podcast Conversations E17 – Bulova’s 20th Century Mechanical Prowess (w Michael Benavente of Bulova and Colin de Tonnac of Semper & Adhuc)

Allen speaks with Michael Benavente of Bulova and Colin de Tonnac of Semper & Adhuc about the history of Bulova as a mechanical watchmaker. There’s a lot to learn here. For example, did you know that Bulova once employed more Swiss mechanical watchmakers than any other brand, including the Swiss ones? Michael provides historical perspective… Read more »

Podcast Conversations E16 – Walt Odets, The Original Watch Blogger

Horology Inc. provides us with a vast array of dial colors able to splash dopamine onto our opiate receptors. We often dismiss new colors as a superficial trend lacking horological innovation, but Allen argues that – because splashy dials spontaneously inspire joy, beauty, and emotions that, science has shown, replicate our experience of Love – great dials may be closer to the center of The Aesthetic Revolution than we ever imagined.

Podcast Conversations E11 – Is Your Pilot’s Watch a Nazi Watch? (with Oren Hartov)

We see so many recreations of vintage watches issued to commemorate moments in history, people, wars, accomplishments, and so on. A certain line of WWII pilot’s watch recreations present difficult questions about memorializing the Hitler’s Nazi regime. Israeli paratrooper and military watch expert Oren Hartov joins Allen in an open dialogue which explores numerous angles… Read more »

Podcast Conversations E10 – The Oris Calibre 400 Movement (with VJ Geronimo)

The Calibre 400 is not the first of Oris’ in-house modern movements, but it is their first work-horse automatic winding movement of the modern era. Designed from the ground-up according to Oris’ value-focused ethos, this movement is highly efficient, packs a 5-day power reserve, is robustly anti-magnetic, and happens to look a bit like the… Read more »