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Podcast Field Reports E9 – Bremont’s Authenticity Soars in an Old Plane

Bremont Supernova 40mm Integrated Bracelet Watch

Allen went to the UK for the launch of Bremont’s first serially produced watches with their in-house movement, but what Allen got was a ride in an old plane that showed him the unique authenticity at the center of the brand set on reviving British industrial watchmaking.

Podcast Field Reports E8 – The Alsta x BTD Motoscaphe 120

Horology Inc. provides us with a vast array of dial colors able to splash dopamine onto our opiate receptors. We often dismiss new colors as a superficial trend lacking horological innovation, but Allen argues that – because splashy dials spontaneously inspire joy, beauty, and emotions that, science has shown, replicate our experience of Love – great dials may be closer to the center of The Aesthetic Revolution than we ever imagined.

Podcast Field Reports 5 – Mission Lake George (Concept & Plans)

Sponsored by Oris and in partnership with The Lake George Association, the BTD crew is headed out to document invasive species in this iconic American fresh water treasure nestled in the Adirondack Mountains. Allen and Shelley will be making 6 dives over two days to photograph Eurasian Milfoil, a plant that threatens fresh water ecosystems… Read more »

Podcast Field Reports E3 – Diving Shipwrecks Alone With The Rolex DEEPSEA

Allen delivers his longest written piece about a watch here on the podcast. The watch is the Rolex Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA, and the story is part memoir, part explorer’s diary, and part contemplation on the state of the world. A special thanks to Bob’s Watches for providing the Rolex DEEPSEA for Allen’s use on his strange… Read more »

Podcast Field Reports E2 – Ferraris, Ducatis & Hublots in Tuscany

Allen returns from a week in Italy having toured Tuscani on a Ducati motorcycle while wearing his Bremont Supermarine, lapped on a race track in a Ferrari, sported Hublots, and having accidentally bumped into the representative for Nims who just climbed 14 of the world’s largest mountains as part of the Bremont-sponsored Project Possible. The… Read more »

Podcast Field Reports E1 – Press Trippin’ With Longines

Allen’s account of his trip to the Longines factory in Switzerland starts with an explanation of how one ends up on such a trip in the first place. He then recounts hanging with Longines’ CEO Walter von K√§nel (a.k.a. The Chef), a dream like factory with shipping robots and worker-determined schedules, and of course some… Read more »