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Podcast Insights E18 – Divergent Aesthetic Arrows & Sub-Cultural Tribalism

Why do we focus on having just one personal style? Why do we fracture our communities endlessly into smaller and smaller tribes? How do our personal aesthetics signal tribal membership? Why is carbon fiber so divisive among watch wonks? Allen ponders these questions and more as his love for all things Italian, fast, and matchy-matchy… Read more »

Podcast Insights E17 – The Aesthetic Revolution (Will Be Beautiful)

What started as a cute aphorism has grown into a socio-economic theory. Allen works his way through the assumptions that make up this theory, drawing on personal memory, Marxist and Anarchist failures, Pan-Indigenous Environmentalism, and, of course, horological love. The goal? Nothing short of transforming Late Capitalism through our built-in human love of Beauty. Latest… Read more »

Podcast Insights E15 – Refinished Dials & Their Potential Value

Why do watch aficionados hate on refinished dials so vehemently?  How can these otherwise astute folks miss the incredible artistry involved in refinishing dials, and the layered narratives (or mysteries!) that so often accompany a refinished dial. Allen takes listeners into the future, when the refinished dials of the 20th Century become museum pieces in… Read more »

Podcast Insights E14 – Rolex Is A Black Hole

Allen falls into the bizarre and powerful orbit of beautifully aged vintage Rolex steel sport watches, those nearly unobtainable, very expensive timepieces that form an elite class of collectibles. From within this orbit, our host attempts to decode what’s happening beyond the event horizon of Rolex by focusing his cultural studies and anthropological lenses at… Read more »

Podcast Insights E13 – How a Watch’s Design Affects Our Perception of Time

Allen takes a deep dive into the phenomenological perspective and clarifies how it can actually operate as a way to examine watches by performing subjective reports on four watches. By looking at how quantum gravitational theorists have shown that time doesn’t exist, but is instead a subjective phenomenon – that is: a product of our… Read more »

Podcast Insights E12 – How to Pick Out Watches You’ll Keep Forever

If you’re flipping watches constantly and wondering how to slow that down, Allen’s got a method for picking out keepers and avoiding flippers. The method grew out of a talk Allen gave at a Gear Patrol event about creating the perfect three-watch collection.  He wanders into Spiritual Materialism, a developing theory he’s been tinkering with… Read more »

Podcast Insights E11 – Horological Polygamy & The Unholy Trinity

Have you tried to settle in on just one or a few watches and find yourself bored? Are you more interested in the hunt for the new timepiece than in a long-term relationship? Allen confesses to growing bored with his carefully curated 3-watch collection and to how he began to quell that boredom by fooling… Read more »

Podcast Insights E10 – The Omega Cal 321 & The Quest for Authenticity

Why are we so excited about a recreation of a vintage movement like the Omega 321? Has digital social media and the ensuing crisis of truth prompted some of us to seek analog expressions of our authentic selves? Can a mechanical watch help us maintain authenticity? Latest Podcasts

Podcast Insights E9 – Whiskey, Weed & Watches

How do booze and pot affect your perception of time?  Your sense perceptions?  Your impulsivity?  Find out as your host, Allen, brings his personal experiences up alongside phenomenology and medical research to form a theory of how watches connect us to eternity. Latest Podcasts