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Restoration Workbench Seiko Liner 14090 – How Resistant to Water were Seiko’s Earliest Waterproof Watches?

Seiko will claim that waterproof watch production started in earnest in 1965 with the 150M 62MAS, however in the years prior to the 62MAS, Seiko did experiment with water proofing other models. Many collectors will agree that Seiko’s first waterproof watch was the manually-wound Seiko Cronos ‘Sea horse’ from the Daini factory, released in December… Read more »

Restoration Workbench 1960s Croton Nivada Grenchen

Technical Terms Used in this Article Base Metal – A common and inexpensive metal, for example, iron, nickel, lead or zinc. Beryllium Copper – An alloy of copper with a small percentage of beryllium added to give the alloy superior strength and durability. Keyless Works – The manual winding, time and date setting mechanism attached to the… Read more »

Restoration Workbench 1970 36mm Ricoh 040121 Medallion

Technical Terms Used in this Article Balance – The wheel attached to the hairspring that oscillates back and forth as part of the escapement and is responsible for the accuracy of the watch’s time-keeping. Cannon Pinion – A gear that fits tightly over the center wheel/second wheel axle to transmit power from the movement side… Read more »

Restoration Workbench 1968 LeGant 333ft Skin Diver

In the first of a new ongoing series of articles, we go ‘beneath’ the dial to follow the restoration of a particular watch, which today is a 1968 LeGant skin diver. Technical Terms Used in This Article Amplitude – How far the balance wheel is swinging back and forth and a good indicator of movement… Read more »