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Book Review – The Cartiers by Francesca Cartier Brickell

The Cartiers is far more than a family member’s account of the legendary luxury brand; it is a unique overview of the 20th Century from a very specific – but entirely compelling – point of view.

Practical Advice on COVID-19 for Watch Enthusiasts

Disclaimer: In case it wasn’t obvious, an online watch magazine may not be the best place to get health information. I am a medical doctor and this represents my informed opinion based on the best science available at this time. As always, for the best and most current information please ask your doctor. For additional… Read more »

New Old Stock Watches: What NOS Really Means And How Dealers Abuse the Term

In order for a watch to be legitimately considered New Old Stock it must, by definition, never have been sold at retail. If you’re buying something that’s labeled NOS, then you have to be the first individual consumer to have bought it. Period. If old stock is changing hands between retailers, or even being distributed… Read more »

Second Look Review – The Oris Big Crown ProPilot X

There’s wisdom in the old adages that tell us to be wary of first impressions, to not judge books by their covers, and to give things time, because only time will tell. Second Looks are opportunities to revisit watches that have been available for a while – many years, even – and give them fresh… Read more »

Book Review – Omega A Journey Through Time

I’ve always been an enthusiastic reader. In my medical training I used to read textbooks in my specialty from cover to cover. Although it was a lot of work, I enjoyed finding little tidbits that proved useful later on. My watch collecting in a way is similar, poring over voluminous online listings and combing through… Read more »

Tie Me Up With Leather – The Monogamous Wrist, Fall 2020

Seiko SRP143

Our poor wrists bear the literal weight of our horological obsessions, and yet we never hear from them. It’s time to let our wrists speak! ALLEN’S WRIST’S FALL STAPLE Seiko SPB143 62MAS 200m Prospex Diver 40.5m Auto-winding 6-series movement with date $1200 If there’s one thing that makes me happy, it’s Allen pulling out his… Read more »

My Grandfather’s Omega That Was Worth More Than a House

My grandfather has always loomed at the edge of my imagination. I never met him in life as he died shortly before I was born. My father possesses the taciturn courtesy particular to Chinese men of his generation. He speaks little of his father, yet sometimes a story comes through, a glimpse into another time…. Read more »

Announcing the Oris x Beyond The Dial Essay Contest Winners!

Wow, our readers can write! We received 34 entries from all around the world, ranging in style from poems to dream journals to short stories and much more. Every single piece was from the heart, and in that regard they were all winners. Voting took place between Oris and Beyond The Dial’s staff, and we… Read more »