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E61 – From Singapore to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New York, London & Beyond

Daniel and Lung Lung from The Waiting List podcast join Allen and James for a 2-hour conversation about how unique regional cultural experiences shape our attitudes toward watches and each other. Expect a lot of laughter and surprises as cross-cultural discoveries emerge in this lively conversation. Related Articles

Hands-On Review – Aquastar Deepstar Diver Chronograph

Why did I melt for this watch before even putting it on? Because the fit and finish of everything on this watch is incredibly high-end. I’m talking top-dollar Swiss brand high-end.

Book Review – The Watch, Thoroughly Revised

This edition hews closely to the format laid out in the first edition of a historical overview followed by descriptions of “fifty” brands. For the arithmetically inclined, the first edition actually included 51 brands and the current edition has 53 but who’s counting right?

Curating The Collection – Allen Pares Back to Less Than 20 Core Watches

All activity on my personal watch collection has come to a grinding halt since I bought my two Cartier Tanks toward the end of 2020. Having invested in a stereo system and guitar stuff, both of which have been important for me during COVID isolation, my watch funds have been a bit tapped. But the… Read more »

Book Review-The Movado History

It may surprise some people to find out that vintage Movado timepieces have an avid collector base. Yes, this is the same brand that is familiar from its department store displays in malls all over America and which purchased MVMT two years ago.

E53 – Grokking The Rolex Explorer II While Skiing Vail

Allen takes us on a downhill journey back to his days as a ski-punk while rocking an Explorer II Polar White in Vail, CO. It’s a tale of personal rediscovery aided by a badass tool watch.