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Podcast Insights E29 – The Watch Collector / Enthusiast Dichotomy & Its Discontents

Allen upends our current way of diving up the watch community into collectors, enthusiasts and consumers and suggests that we’d be far better off describing different levels of horological experience. Not to be missed for the die-hards, in this episode Allen’s  “phenomenology of watches” finally pays some dividends.

Podcast Conversations E17 – Bulova’s 20th Century Mechanical Prowess (w Michael Benavente of Bulova and Colin de Tonnac of Semper & Adhuc)

Allen speaks with Michael Benavente of Bulova and Colin de Tonnac of Semper & Adhuc about the history of Bulova as a mechanical watchmaker. There’s a lot to learn here. For example, did you know that Bulova once employed more Swiss mechanical watchmakers than any other brand, including the Swiss ones? Michael provides historical perspective… Read more »

Collaboration Introducing The Transatlantic – A Collaboration between Bulova x Semper & Adhuc x BTD (Now on sale!)

Backstory Over the past few years a fondness emerged between the founders of Semper & Adhuc (Colin de Tonnac, France) and of Beyond The Dial (Allen Farmelo, USA), and eventually these two entrepreneurs decided to co-create a watch that celebrates the special relationship between France and The United States. The result is the 37mm TRANSATLANTIC…. Read more »