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Hands-On – Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver 42mm GMT Left-Hand Drive (LHD) – The Watch That Proves Zodiac is Back

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver 42mm GMT LHD Black DLC

What this watch represents to me is a kind of proof that Zodiac is not f’ing around. They’re serious, and they’re making serious dive watches for really competitive prices, and they’re also styled after and reminiscent of one of the most important dive watches in history. I can’t see why Zodiac shouldn’t be fully absolved of whatever sins they may or may not have committed to so greatly offend the horological intelligentsia.

Iteration Tracker Modern Zodiac Super Sea Wolf (2015-present)

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

Originally a Swiss watch company, Zodiac issued the Sea Wolf in 1953, tying Blancpain and beating Rolex with the first commercial release of a dive watch. Zodiac puttered out during the Quartz Crisis, but in 2001 Fossil Watches bought the Zodiac name and prepared for a relaunch. The revived Zodiac released the first modern Sea Wolf in 2015. Fossil owns and operates Swiss Technology Productions (STP), which builds the ETA/Sellita-equivalent movements used in the modern Super Sea Wolf

Hands-On Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Skin Automatic – The Allure of Core Collections In the Age of Proliferation

The Skinny Hard Core, No Riffs It’s 2022, and we are living through an horological renaissance. A proliferation of iterations has flooded the marketplace with monthly, even weekly, releases from nearly every brand, with the result being new watch announcements every day. Largely based on “novel colorways” that “remind us of nature” or “inspire us… Read more »