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Why We Built The Watch Space App

Without the Watchville app, the global watch community no longer had a central hub, an intersection through which much of this community’s endless output would pass all day every day so that the siloing effects of digital life didn’t divide our community the way it has divided nearly every community I can think of over the past decade or so. This is why you’ll find The Watch Space app is so inclusive.

Insight – The Watch Scene – Will The 2020s Be The Decade of Glitz?

Indeed, there is a bonafide luxury revival going on, a kind of fuck it moment born of what I won’t speculate too broadly, but I haven’t seen anything like it since the 1980s. Whatever down-to-earth aesthetic we had up until the 1980s was tossed aside as the hippies became yuppies, tax reforms favored the rich, and people like the previous president of the USA became (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) tastemakers. Maybe today’s glitz is his fault. Yes, I know he wears a Vacheron, but have you seen his toilet?

Insight – The Argument for Cheap Tool Watches and Expensive Dress Watches

Vacheron Constantin Tradionelle Triple Calendar Moonphase

Despite believing the subjective experience of watches is ultimately all we have, I am not one of those egalitarian folks who believes that because someone enjoys a watch it thus belongs in this world. Watch critics like that really aren’t critics at all. They practice what a colleague recently called reportage, as if by using the French word sucking up to advertisers for a living was somehow sophisticated.

Insight A Tentative Critique of the Post-Pandemic Watch Culture

I’m going to speculate quite broadly about the so-called watch industry, scene, or culture. I want to state right up front that I am feeling personally disillusioned with the horological world we enthusiasts and collectors willingly spend quite a bit of our time, talent and treasures in. My disillusionment may well be borne of the… Read more »

Insight From Virtual to Real to Vintage How the Tudor Ranger Reissue of 2022 Lead Me To A Vintage Field Watch

Contributor and photographer Gareth Munden ponders his experience of virtual representations of vintage-inspired recreations, those recreations in person, and then asks how they stack up against vintage watches. Images by Gareth Munden. Tudor Ranger on loan from Stuart Young. Encountering The Virtual Tudor Ranger Via Social Media On Friday July the 8th 2022, I was… Read more »

Insight Greubel Forsey’s Double Balancier Convexe of 2022 & How a Generation of Master Watchmakers Is Futureproofing Their Brands

Greubel Forsey Double Balancier Convexe

The 21st Century is seeing a generation of master watchmakers grapple with their legacies, and for Greubel Forsey 2022 may mark the beginning of a new era. This is a year that fans and collectors of Greubel Forsey may want to understand and remain cognizant of well into the future. The Winding-Down Of A Watchmaking… Read more »

Insight Why I Am Bored With Vintage-Inspired Watches & Fascinated With Cutting-Edge Mechanical Movements

The fascination with heritage, or vintage, or 20th century designs in wrist watches is evident in the vast quantity of reissues, homages, look-alikes, recreations and reinterpretations available today, which, we can assume, sell quite well. While I and more than a few other horological scribes have mused that this fascination with the watches of yesteryear… Read more »