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The Birth-Year Watch – From Rolex to G-Shock

The Birth Year Watch Concept The birth-year watch is a simple collecting archetype: you own a watch from the year you were born. Breaking down the underlying concept, however, reveals an unexpected complexity. Excuse my satirical lens, but I’ve been through the birth year watch journey three times. The technicality of the birth year watch… Read more »

Introducing The Transatlantic – A Collaboration between Bulova x Semper & Adhuc x BTD (Now on sale!)

Backstory Over the past few years a fondness emerged between the founders of Semper & Adhuc (Colin de Tonnac, France) and of Beyond The Dial (Allen Farmelo, USA), and eventually these two entrepreneurs decided to co-create a watch that celebrates the special relationship between France and The United States. The result is the 37mm TRANSATLANTIC…. Read more »

Hands-On Review – The Brew Metric – Retro Dial

Brew Metric Retro

The Skinny Diameter: 36 mm Lug to lug: 41.5 mm Thickness: 10.75 mm Water Resistance: 50 M Movement: Hybrid VK68 Meca-Quartz Chronograph (Seiko) Price: $395 What’s Hot at Brew? Brew is a well-known microbrand founded in 2015 by designer Jonathan Ferrer. Industrial espresso machines provided the curious inspiration for this coffee-themed watch brand. Microbrands, while… Read more »

Hands-On Review – Longines Heritage Classic Chronograph

The Skinny 40mm x 13.6mm ETA-based Calibre L895 with proprietary chronograph module $3000 Some Context Longines makes around 1.2-million watches a year, and the Heritage Collection from which this chrono derives makes up only a small percentage of that annual output. And yet, for the past ten years or so Longines has been re-issuing (and… Read more »

Hands-On Review – Cheap Trills with the Citizen Alarm Date

The Skinny  Diameter: 37.5 mm Thickness: 13.7 mm Lug to lug: 46 mm Water Resistance: Movement: Citizen Caliber 3102 Price Paid: $230 The Dilemma of Unaffordable Vintage Watches In today’s world where information is shared and transmitted instantly by social media, bargains in the vintage watch world are hard to find. Fortunately for bargain seekers,… Read more »

Hands-On Review – 38mm Bronze Oris Divers 65 “Cotton Candy” Pink

The Skinny 38mm bronze with bronze braceletOris 733 (base Selitta SW 200-1) with date$2750 US The Two Big Questions Is the new Oris Divers 65 Cotton Candy 38mm in bronze going to stain your wrist, and is it a watch for men or women? As an owner, I can attest that Oris’ bronze tarnishes gently…. Read more »

Hands-On Review – G-Shock “Casioak” GMAS2100-7A & Post-Gender

The Skinny 43mm, but wears like 40mmDay of week, analog time, and a bunch of menu-accessed functions$99 US Cyborg Feminism & Post-Gender Fashions In 1985, feminist author Donna Haraway published The Cyborg Manifesto in the journal Socialist Review. This post-humanist manifesto advocates for intergroup affinities that transcend the ruts of divisive human identity politics, like… Read more »

Curating The Collection – How Storage Impacts Confidence in Collecting

Just admit it: you, like me, give more than two shits about what people think of your watch collection, and the reason is clear: our collections represent us. Every little detail that we’ve allowed past the velvet rope into our personal horological disco is out on the floor for others to judge. We really wouldn’t give two shits about that judgement if we didn’t understand that what’s being judged is not watches but our most intimate expression of our mostly solipsistic and, thus, often lonely subjectivity inner lives. You, dear reader of horological essays, like me who writes them, give two shits about how people judge you if not your watches, I’m sure of it.