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Hands-On Alpina Seastrong Gyre Made From Upcycled Ocean Plastics

The Skinny 44mm AL-525 movement, based on Sellita’s SW-200 Case made from upcycled ocean plastics $1595 (with $100 going to support The National Parks) SCUBA & Mountains About six years ago I bought my first Alpina, and I was struck with how nice the watch was, despite its low price point. I’ve come to believe… Read more »

Hands-On Moser & Cie. Venturer Small Seconds Concept in Arctic Blue

The Skinny 42.8mm Solid Gold Case Manual-wind HMC 327 in-house movement $25,500 A Magical Dial Two women have gasped upon seeing this watch. A third woman said, “Whoh, let me see that,” and her husband said, “Wow, that’s really something.” Typically my watches, which are mostly steel tool affairs, don’t illicit much reaction from women… Read more »

Collector Guide Birth-Year Seiko Watches: 1970-1979

In our previous installment on Seiko watches from the 1960s, we saw how the serial number of each Seiko watch can be used to indicate the month and year of its manufacture. The first digit denotes the year of the decade in which the watch was made and the second digit denotes the month of manufacture:… Read more »

Insight Tudor’s Sleepers: Three Excellent Watches You May Have Overlooked

If you’ve found your way here, most likely you are familiar with Tudor watches. Brand awareness, history, and Tudor’s aesthetic have been flooded through every media outlet possible since the brand’s return to United States market in 2013. The Black Bay quickly went from the flagship relaunch to the most ambiguous model of the Rolex… Read more »

Hands-On Bremont 40mm Supermarine S300 White

The Skinny 40mm Modified ETA 2826 movement $4095 MSRP Dispensing With Objectivity I’m a huge fan of Bremont, and if you want to know why you can read my counterpoint to the negativity the British brand gets from the indie watch scene. I’m also a many-year owner of the black version of the 40mm Supermarine, have included… Read more »

Owner Review – The Tockr Air-Defender Hulk Is Totally Punk Rock

The Skinny 45mm Valjoux 7750 Chronograph Movement, high grade with multiple customized features Hydro-Dipped case $2850 on HIX Strap It’s A Big Watch – That’s The Whole Point Let’s dispense with the whole obsession over size and just note that for some of us watch wonks a big bold watch is, sometimes, going to really… Read more »

Insight The Curious Case of Hamilton International Ltd. v Vortic LLC

This article originally appeared in print during 2019 in International Watch Magazine. Intellectual Property, Sampling & Upcycling In the music industry, when one artist samples part of another artist’s recording and makes something new with it, the intellectual property questions are typically gray, sometimes leading to legal battles. When Singer Vehicle Design modifies, improves, and… Read more »

Owner Review – 1972 Rolex Datejust 1603

The Skinny 1972 Rolex Datejust 1603 $3100 cash (no bracelet) 36mm auto-winding in-house movement, no quick-set for date I Was Pretty Gone In Nashville I was in Nashville on a cross-country trip with my best friend Andy Baldwin – an Aussi record producer who is part Winnie The Pooh, part Buddha, and part Clive Davis…. Read more »

Collector Guide Birth-Year Seiko Watches: 1960-1969

We love a chase don’t we? Watch enthusiasts I mean. The thrill of opening the next box or clicking the next link to see if it might be hiding something different. Something special. Something only we have discovered. Tales of $25 Rolex watches bought at the local thrift shop or found at the bottom of… Read more »