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The Horological Copywriter

As The Horological Copywriter, BTD co-founder James Ren turns his proclivity for parody to the public. If you’d like to see The Horological Copywriter describe a specific watch, please post your request on Instagram. Be sure to include an image of the watch and the hashtag: #horologicalcopywriter. The Essence of Japanese Sky Grand Seiko 60th… Read more »

Refinishing Hardlex Crystals with Ben Levy

The lack of new, old stock crystals can be a real headache for collectors of vintage watches. Some watches use very specialized crystals either by virtue of the shape or the case fitment. When replacement crystals are not available, a serious choice must be made whether to fit a replacement of the incorrect type or live with the imperfections and signs of use. This is particularly relevant to collectors of vintage watches originally fitted with mineral glass which tends to scratch rather easily compared to sapphire glass.

Hands-On Review – G-Shock NASA DW5600NASA20 & DW5600NASA21

The Casio G-Shock DW5600 is a simple an inexpensive watch that has become a quintessential non-essential accessory for tech-minded folks with a frugal streak, such as yours truly. In its purist form, the G-Shock DW5600 is tough as nails, its utilitarian function leaving a drab aesthetic that some consider a true classic. Others may say… Read more »

Hands-On Review – 38mm Bronze Oris Divers 65 “Cotton Candy” Pink

The Skinny 38mm bronze with bronze braceletOris 733 (base Selitta SW 200-1) with date$2750 US The Two Big Questions Is the new Oris Divers 65 Cotton Candy 38mm in bronze going to stain your wrist, and is it a watch for men or women? As an owner, I can attest that Oris’ bronze tarnishes gently…. Read more »

Book Review – “Depth Charge” by Jason Heaton

April 2021 marked the release of the long-anticipated quarantine-written novel from Jason Heaton. For those unfamiliar with Jason’s work, he is one of the most respected journalists in the adventure gear and watch spaces. Most potential readers are familiar with Jason’s work from Gear Patrol, HODINKEE, and as the co-host of the Podcast, The Grey… Read more »

Hands-On Review – C Ward C63 Sealander Automatic

After many recent successes in the entry level Swiss diver watch arena, the new Sealander range moves Christopher Ward back on land with three new sports-oriented non-dive watches: the Sealander Elite, the Sealander GMT and the Sealander Automatic.

Book Review-Marine Nationale by Watchistry

A Different Type of Collecting An organizing principle is considered a requirement to distinguish a collection from a mere assortment of objects. This book explores the author’s collection of watches from the French Navy, or Marine Nationale. Many books in this space attempt an introduction with a historical overview of the watches. This book instead… Read more »

Hands-On Review – G-Shock “Casioak” GMAS2100-7A & Post-Gender

The Skinny 43mm, but wears like 40mmDay of week, analog time, and a bunch of menu-accessed functions$99 US Cyborg Feminism & Post-Gender Fashions In 1985, feminist author Donna Haraway published The Cyborg Manifesto in the journal Socialist Review. This post-humanist manifesto advocates for intergroup affinities that transcend the ruts of divisive human identity politics, like… Read more »