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Insight Greubel Forsey’s Double Balancier Convexe of 2022 & How a Generation of Master Watchmakers Is Futureproofing Their Brands

Greubel Forsey Double Balancier Convexe

The 21st Century is seeing a generation of master watchmakers grapple with their legacies, and for Greubel Forsey 2022 may mark the beginning of a new era. This is a year that fans and collectors of Greubel Forsey may want to understand and remain cognizant of well into the future. The Winding-Down Of A Watchmaking… Read more »

Hands-On Re-evaluating the Hermès H08

By David Flett with photography by Allen Farmelo The Skinny In Search of Something Different Innovation sometimes seems to be a rare commodity in the world of entry level luxury watches. Of course, everyone has their own definition of entry level and everyone has their own definition of luxury watches but for the sake of… Read more »

Restoration Workbench Seiko Liner 14090 – How Resistant to Water were Seiko’s Earliest Waterproof Watches?

Seiko will claim that waterproof watch production started in earnest in 1965 with the 150M 62MAS, however in the years prior to the 62MAS, Seiko did experiment with water proofing other models. Many collectors will agree that Seiko’s first waterproof watch was the manually-wound Seiko Cronos ‘Sea horse’ from the Daini factory, released in December… Read more »

Collector Guide Vacheron Constantin Triple Calendar Movements of the 20th Century – A Complete Catalog of Serially-Produced Complete Calendars With and Without Moonphase

Vacheron Constantin Triple Calendar Calender Complete Moonphase Movements

This guide is a one-stop reference for Vacheron Constantin’s serially-produced triple-calendar wristwatch movements of the 20th century. As such, this guide should help the collector of vintage Vacheron Constantin dress watches which were, to use the era’s lingo, intended for gentlemen. Triple Calendar With and Without Moonphase A classic complication, the triple calendar – also… Read more »

Hands-On Bremont S300 Supermarine Kaimu 40m Dive Watch – Serious Diver Durability & Timeless Aviation Vibes

The Skinny 40mm Modified Calibre 11 1/2’’ BE-92AV (Sellita SW200 base) auto-winding with date 300m water resistance Year of release: 2022 Precision: retail models will run within COSC Chronometer specifications (-4/+6 secs/day) Kaimu is a black sand beach in Hawaii $3695 A Family of Classic 40mm Divers I like relatively smaller watches, so I was… Read more »

Insight The Watch Collector / Enthusiast Dichotomy & Its Discontents – The Phenomenology of Watches as Spiritual Practice

Our Current Paradigm Is Divisive Within the watch community we hear quite a lot about the distinction between watch enthusiasts and collectors. We consider enthusiasts to be on a lower order than collectors. Enthusiasts may own dozens of watches, but they are dilettantes who lack the focus, dedication and connoisseurship that characterize the collector. Collectors… Read more »