Collector Guide Vacheron Constantin Dealer Deck From 1960s

Half curiosity, half collector’s resource, I bought these “dealer cards” on eBay in 2021. I thought they’d be both lovely and useful for others once digitized. These cards present the watches roughly life size, the cards uncannily similar in size and shape to an iPhone. Vacheron Constantin sent these to dealers so that they could more easily demonstrate Vacheron Constantin’s many models to their clients. I imagine that sales representatives also used them to sell to dealers.

I’ve dated them to the 1960s based on the Royal Chronometers with auto-winding movements, as well as a few other models that I’ve seen listed as 1960s models. the cards are packed into a Bakelite case. To get a sense of the size of the case, picture a thicker iPhone.

Please enjoy, utilize, and gaze longingly upon these digital scans of the 1960s Vacheron Constantin Dealer’s Deck.